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Teefa In Trouble

Story line & Script

Teefa in Trouble 02Film making is an art to show various emotions via the silver screen. Its like creating magic on screen for the viewer. Well of course “Teefa in Trouble” is a movie with an amazing powerful script & story line.

Teefa (Ali Zafar) is a street fighter showed in the movie. Teefa goes to Poland to bring Anya to Pakistan to marry gangster Butt’s son but gets into trouble with Anya’s gangster father and the police of Poland. Anya’s father (Javed Sheikh) was going bankrupt. To avoid his bankruptcy, he decided to marry his girl with his Friend’s Son. Which can save him from the economic disaster but there was his old Friend Mr. Butt (Mehmood Aslam) from Lahore seems to be interested to get his Son marry with Maya Ali. It is why he appointed the Teefa to bring the girl Lahore after kidnapping. With all of this story becomes confusing, interesting & more suspense full.

Director, Writer & Cast

  • Ahsan Rahim is the Director of the movie.
  • This film is written by three persons accordingly; Ahsan Rahim, Ali Zafar & Danyal Zafar.
  • Ali Zafar, Maya Ali, Javed Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam are in the main roles of this movie.

Special About Teefa in Trouble

Teefa in trouble is Ali Zafar’s first Pakistani Debut film which makes this film more attractive. Before this Ali has done many big successful movie projects in India (Bollywood).

Production Line

Its a nice production quality, which feels on screen. Ali Zafar announced this project in 2014 while giving an interview to Dawn News (Media Group of Pakistan). He developed a production house in his own house in 2015 and named it Lightingale Productions. There are many other co-partners to in production of this project. Yash Raj Films – YRF are the distributor of this film in India.

Underwater scenes have done in very professional way. Graphics of movie done international level & there was no budget compromise in making the underwater scenes real. Some of the after fight scene there was makeup artist flaw like there was no knife cut on chest of the Hero but its an ignore able mistake. First time in the history of Pakistan’s Film Making, action director been used from Thailand in this movie. Overall movie’s production line makes the movie more demanding.


Use of locations is very nice in the movie. Camera work is very eye catching in songs.

Music & Choreography

Song in the movie are simply amazing like mind blowing. Romantic numbers are too good. There is not a single extra song in movie which feel excessive. Songs shoot done remarkably nice. Selection of locations for the songs is totally relates to the story of movie.

International Competition

Yes We can say now that our Film Industry is now in good hands. There are more professionals on the way to success. We cap hope much better now for the International competition on Silver Screen. The film released across 24 countries on 20 July, including some countries where this is the first Pakistani film.

Box Office

The movie IMDB rating is 8.5/10. Teefa in trouble became the biggest opener for any Pakistani film with collecting ₨ 2.31 breaking the previous record of ₨ 2.07 crore by Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. At local box office, it became the fifth biggest non-holiday opener for any film. It collected under ₨ 2.5 crore on its second day from Pakistan. It became the second Pakistani film to collect above ₨ 7 crore by its first weekend in Pakistan, surpassing the challenge of releasing during a non-holiday and non-peak season.

The worldwide collections for the first weekend were approximately ₨ 10.15 crore. It also became the first Pakistani film to collect a high of ₨ 9.86 crore within five days from local box office, and made it’s worldwide gross of about ₨ 14.26 crore. On 27 July, it became the highest grossing Pakistani film of 2018. Per second weekend report, the nationwide collections were ₨ 15.51 crore, making a total of ₨ 22.31 crore worldwide.

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